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Monday         :  08.30 - 18.30

Tuesday        :  08.30 - 18.30

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Friday            :  08.30 - 18.30

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Phone : 033-138-697  

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Line ID : ccsmedicallab


315/140-141  Theppaya Intersection

Thap Prasit Road, Pattaya city

Chonburi, Thailand

Who we  are ?
About CCS Medical Laboratory

     CCS Medical laboratory is specialized in providing comprehensive diagnostic services in chemistry, hematology,hemostasis & thrombosis, immunology, microscopy, microbiology,molecular pat and etc. We perform analyzes with accurate, up-to-date and patient rights.

     Our staff are led by medical technologists certified by the Council of Medical Technology. And we have been working in the medical laboratory for more than 10 years.

MS. Chayanan Sanman

Medical Technologist
Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services. To support patient needs.

  • General healthy blood test

  • Sexual transmission disease (STD)/Sexual transmission infection (STi)

  • Hormone check for  andropause/menopause

  • Hormone check for hormone replacement therapy 

  • Body builder blood test

  • Allergy test

  • Cancer screening test

  • Vitamin, Mineral, Nutrition test

  • Annual checkup

Why CCS ?
  • Our laboratory uses standard and modern analyzers. And conducted quality control every day.

  • Our laboratory staffs are certified by the Council of Medical Technology and have over 10 years of laboratory work experience.

  • Our prices are reasonable. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.

  • Our laboratory uses a laboratory information system (LIS) that provides the ability to manage complex information and prevent human errors in the workplace.

  • Tremendous time and cost savings to reduce the cost of care and unnecessary administrative burden on already time-pressed Physicians and Caregivers.

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